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consolidation 統合、合併 (ABCニュースシャワー)

ABCニュースシャワー Today's News: 航空業界の再編(08/4/16)
英語キーワード: consolidation「統合、連携」

consolidation 統合、連携、合併

We will participate in consolidation when and if it is the right choice.

■If this merger goes forward, other carriers will follow.

・go forward 前進する

■In fact, airlines today were weighing their options.

・weigh 比較検討する

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Hi, everyone. I'm Dana Ward here with your world news roundup.

Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines merged this week to effectively create the world's largest airline. Delta announced that it has bought the Minnesota-based carrier for $3-billion. The move comes amidst high gas prices, consumer discontent and union disputes that have plagued the industry. These factors led to hug loses by airlines totaling up to $35-billion from 2001-2006. Because of these economic woes, and increased competition from European and Asian carriers, airlines have faced pressure to consolidate in hopes of gaining market share and reducing competition. With news of this merger and the recent closure of 3 US carriers, some expert say that airfares will likely increase as gas prices go up and competition dwindles.

・consolidate 統合する、合併する