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carcinogen 発がん物質 (ABCニュースシャワー)

ABCニュースシャワー Today's News: 仮設住宅で健康被害(08/2/15)

キーワード:carcinogen【カーシィナジェン】 発がん物質

Formaldehyde is also a carcinogen.

ハリケーン被災者の仮設住宅では、2006年からburning eyes(目の炎症)やbreathing problems(呼吸器の障害)などの体調不良が報告されていたが、政府は検査を怠り、昨年被災者に出された指示は"to ventilate(換気をすること)"。


蜜葉のクローバーToxic FEMA trailers may be danger to occupants

For tens of thousands forced into FEMA trailers for more than two years now, the CDC report comes as no surprise.

They have been living and breathing the results.

CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding said, "About a third of the home has levels that could be expected to cause symptoms in people who were vulnerable." Two years ago residents in the temporary housing began complaining about breathing problems and nosebleeds.

When the CDC started testing in December, they found formaldehyde, a chemical used to preserve wood and a carcinogen.

The formaldehyde averaged levels about 5 times what you would find in a modern home and in some cases, 40 times more.

The results brought outrage to Louisiana lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu said, "It really doesn't get much sadder than this."

Now, FEMA promises to evacuate the trailers quickly giving priority to families with children, the elderly and anyone with breathing problems.

It has offered to buy back the trailers and help find new housing.

But at the same time, mobile homes are supposed to be delivered to tornado victims across the south. FEMA insists it will test to make sure those trailers are safe.

FEMA Director David Paulison said, "We're not going to give someone home that tests high for formaldehyde, we're simply not going to do that." But for those who have already lost everything but their health, it is now one more worry.

And for Katrina survivors, one more bump in what is proving to be a very long and rough road home.