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the L word (Lの世界) シーズン1 #4 Longing

the L word(Lの世界)シーズン1 エピソード4「Longing」


provocation 挑発

We've show "Impressions in Winter" for the last 5 years in a row. 私達にはここ5年間続けて展示した

I've set up a meeting with Gina Ferrara, who is the curator of the Peggy Peabody collection. ジーナフェルラーラ氏に話をつけた。フェルラーラ氏は、ペギーピーボディコレクションの館長です
curator キューレイター (博物館などの)館長、学芸員

It isn't worth the risk. 危険を犯す価値はない

It makes me feel insane. インイン 正気ではない、精神障害の

Let's say hypothetically that... 仮定の話をするけど・・・

Ah, Jesus, you're disfigured! ~を傷つける、外観を損なう

It happens all the time. いつものことです

I've been dying to check out.
be dying to ~したくてたまらない

The board didn't go for it. 賛同する

You never know until you try. やってみるまでわからないよ。

She passed out. 気を失う、気絶する

It's low blood sugar. 低血糖

You scared me, you know. 君は僕を驚かせた

You flirt with Marina. (人と)いちゃつく、いちゃいちゃする

Lacey is on some sort of rampage. ンペイジ 暴れ回って

She's an emotional cripple.  情緒障害者

I'm no longer willing to waste my valuable time on you.

I knew Gina would screw me.  だます

I am so fucked. カンカンに怒って

Is there anyone who can overrule her? 却下する、(発言などを)覆す

I was eavesdropping at L.A. Magazine. 盗み聞きする

He's in a rage. 怒って

I think we have a big misunderstanding. 誤解

They're not patterned. 模様のついた、柄のある

I overdressed. 着飾りすぎる

Perhaps you'd like to leave a note? メモを残す

This drink has a very salutary effect. リュタリー 有益な、健康に良い

I think you have me confused with someone. 誰かと勘違いしている

Obscure. 無名の

I'm just famished! お腹がぺこぺこ

I swear. 誓う

I don't want to bother you if you're working. 邪魔をする、迷惑をかける

I haven't been able to focus. 集中できなくて

No more dizziness? めまい

I know it's none of my business, but... 私には関係ないことかもしれないけど

Keeping it pent-up can make it worse. うっ積する、ためておく

The lesbian community... can just be a hotbed of rumor and innuendo. 温床

Marina confided in someone. ~を信用する

She was high as a kite. ドラックで酔っぱらって

He burst into tears, and then he fainted. 突然泣き出して、気を失った

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