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get offended

Piaのレッスンに参加。生徒4人と少人数だった。トピックがHosting a partyで、いまいち興味もてなく発言に苦労した。もっと実用的なテーマを増やしてくれるといいんだけどなぁ。
Topic:Hosting a party in English

I don't like hosting parties because of the preparations beforhand and the cleaning up afterwards.

It is polite to bring a small gift for the host to show your appreciation for having you in their house. 感謝(の意)を示す
この他に express one's appreciation for ~ も同じ意味

We split the bill. 割り勘にする

Put away all valuable and breakable items.
put away 片付ける、収納する
breakable 壊れやすい

Try to make sure the guests aren't bored (boring).

I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.
make a big deal out of( of, about)~  (~のことで)大騒ぎする、重大視する

offensive quistion 不快感を与える、無礼な、屈辱的な(rude,insulting)

My married friends get offended when they are asked about expectig children.
get offended 気分を害する、嫌な思いをする