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fierce competition 激しい競争

English town
Topic: The Interview

First contact is via email, the next step is to attach the CV which is forwarded to the corresponding department.

If one is successful, you may be invited to the first round of interviews. 一回目の

Jobs are posted on the Internet or published in the jobs section of local newspapers. 掲載される

Although competition is fierce, if your CV stands out you may be invited for interview.
fierce フィアース 激しい
stand out 突出する、卓越する、目立つ

I will prepare all pertinent documentation and skeleton answers to prospective questions.
pertinent 関連のある
skeleton 概略の

You have to establish your reliability from the outset. 最初から

Diction is important. 言葉遣い、話し方

You shouldn't be arrogant. 横柄な、無礼な