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overhear 小耳に挟む

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Topic: Business Meeting 過去ブログ

Meetings are held in auditoriums. オーディリアム 講堂
Meetings can be held on Internet.

It is not appropriate to talk about confidential issues near a water cooler.
This is because other people can overhear the discussions taking place.
water cooler オフィスなどに置かれている飲み水の冷却器
overhear (~ing) (会話など)をふと耳にする、小耳に挟む

The disadvantage of meeting online is that sometimes there are poor connections. 接続不良

Let's turn to the next point on the agenda. 次の話題に移る

Let's wrap up this meeting now. (会議等を)終わりにする

Nothing was ever decided. いつも何も決まらなかった
It was a real wast of time!
ever 絶対に(no、nothing、neverなどの強調)