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everything is hunky-dory すべてが申し分ない

English town
Topic: New people New places

long-distance relationship 遠距離恋愛

strenuous exercise ストレニュアス 激しい、活発な

get a phone line 電話回線をひく

I don't feel at home here in China. 居心地がよい

People here poke their noses into other people's affairs.
poke one's nose into ~に口を出す、首を突っ込む

People are less nosy than before but they pry with their questions. プライ 首を突っ込む、詮索する

In foreign country, I can be anonymous. アノニマス 匿名の、無名の

I can empathize with her. ~に共感する、感情移入する

We have to keep up with the Joneses. 隣人と張り合う、世間に遅れをとらない

My hubby has been here for 8 years. 夫(husband)

He has made some sacrifices.
make sacrifices 犠牲を払う

I was leading a footloose life. 気ままな、足のおもむくままの

Career-wise, everything is hunky-dory.career-wise キャリアの点では
everything is hunky-dory すべてが申し分ない

If I get a scholarship, that might ease some of our burdens.
ease burdens 負担を軽減する