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make inroads into ~に進出する

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Topic: Resolution

This is not commonly used. よく使われる、馴染み深い

Brazil is now trying to make inroads into other sectors. ~に進出する

I try to make an effort to fulfill the resolution. 実行する、実現する

I want to hit 860 in my TOEIC. 860点に到達したい
It's not much difference from what I got last year. 去年と大した違いがない

When I was younger, my eyes were bigger than the dish/stomach. 食べきれないのに欲しがる、貪欲な(=greedy)

I couldn't resist temptations. ~に抵抗する

Nowadays my appetite seems to have shrunk.

It would be a great idea to use nicotine patches.
They've helped smokers to quit.

It's tough to quit cold turkey on nicotine. (酒・たばこなどを)きっぱりやめる