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a sense of accomplishment 達成感

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Topic: Fair weather Pastimes

pastime 気晴らし、娯楽

I use to go canoeing. カヌーに行く

This sports can be very dangerous at times. 時々

They are compatriots from China. 同国人

self-esteem 自尊心、自負心

I get a sense of accomplishment after working. 達成感

As I previously mentioned, I kike sports. 先に述べたように

It helped her become healthier and lose her weight. herは不要!
It helps combat stress. ストレスと闘う

Dangerous sports provoke a surge of adrenaline. 誘発する、~を引き起こす

Personally I have no interest in any of these picture, with the exception of medication. ~を例外として

It's a good way to relieve stress. ストレスを和らげる