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move up the career ladder

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Topic: The Way it Used to Be

My family immigrated to AU. ~に移住する

The best way of getting over it is by doing positive things. 乗り越える、(困難などを)克服する

After I changed my job, my life has changed for the better. よい方向へ(⇔for the worse)

I've been promoted. =moving up the career ladder 昇進する

I'm climbing the career ladder and have moved up to the position of editor. 出世の道、昇進の階段

The fad has passed. 一時的流行、ブーム

I have a beard and mustache. あごひげと口ひげ

I wore hideous glasses. ヒディアス 見るもぶさいくな、趣味の悪い

My basic character has not changed. 基本的性格

In Japan, the divorce is not as common as in the UK.
It used to be considered a bad thing.