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see eye to eye with

English town
Topic: Caring for the environment


logging 木材の切り出し(=cutting trees)

Animals are becoming endangered. 絶滅の危機にひんした

The government can protect them by prohibiting hunting, creating natural reserves. 自然保護区

Loss the habitat (動物たちの)生息地

Animals are becoming endangered. 絶滅寸前の

landfill 埋め立て地

Up to a few years ago people killed a lot of animals. 数年前まで

The easiest way to protect the environment is garbage classification.

If we classify our garbage into recyclable items, the environment will be protected.
classify A into B AをBに分類する
recyclable 再利用可能な

In the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 光合成

Plastic takes several years to decompose. (成分に)分解する

The container isn't biodegradable. 生物分解可能な

I don't see eye to eye with these groups. ~と意見が一致する、そりが合う

Depends on how destructive it is on the environment. 破壊的な、有害な