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give you a leg up

English town
Topic: Business Meetings with Clients

fortnight = two weeks 2週間

time constraints 時間の制約

I'm caught up in a huge project. ~に打ち込む

It depends on the nature of the meeting. 種類

a place which has few distractions 気を散らすもの

Did you talk shop during the meal? 仕事の話ばかりする

I prefer to draw a line between work and personal life. 境界を設ける

Mix business with pleasure 仕事と遊びを兼ねる

Having a good friendship will give you a leg up in your career.
give 人 a leg up (人)を援助する

one-off meeting 1回限りの

The presence of my boss will inhibit my actions. 抑制する