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common courtesy

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Topic: Impress your host

attend a party empty handed 手ぶらで

humble abode 質素な住宅

talk with your mouth full 口の中に食べ物をいれたまま話す

burp ゲップをする

You shouldn't have. プレゼントをもらって、恐縮してお礼を言うときの表現
It was nothing. どういたしまして(お礼に対する返事)

common courtesy ーティシィー礼儀

It's is not polite to slouch at the table. スラウチ 猫背になる、前かがみになる

Go to bed and sleep it off. 眠って酔いを覚ます

There's a custom that the more you drink, the better your friendship is.

This custom is widespread in the north of China. 広範囲に及ぶ

I hardly ever go to parties. めったに~しない