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be inclined to

Topic: Bad sense of direction

I ask a policeman for directions as they are less inclined to ignore me than the people on the street.
be inclined to do ~する傾向にある、~したいと思う
He's inclined to be lazy. 怠ける傾向にある
She was inclined to trust him. 彼を信用したい

He despised gossip in any form. ディスパイズ ひどく嫌う、軽蔑する

I will pull over and have some rest. (車を)道の片側に寄せる(止める)

Many potential customers are waiting for a fall in prices before buying. 値下がり

Wildlife is often killed by cars. 野生動物

You need to stay alert. 警戒を怠らない、油断しない

I like to listen to uplifting music. 元気が出る、気持ちを高めさせ

I am familiar with this city.
This city is familiar to me.