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Skype 英会話プライベートレッスン 55回目


■on the dot 時間通りに
・Breakfast is served at 8 on the dot.
・We have to end the session on the dot.

■crop up (突然)起こる、現れる to happen
・Problems will crop up and hit you before you are ready.
・I was going to go on vacation from this week, until a problem cropped up.

■blocked nose 鼻づまり
・My nose is blocked up by the ( thick ) mucus.

■orally 経口で
・...antibiotic tablets taken orally.

■I'm all for it. それに大賛成です
= I agree totally / I approve of something 100%.

■exorbitant イグゾービタント 適正範囲を超えた、とんでもない
・Exorbitant housing prices have created an acute shortage of affordable housing for the poor.

■submerge (液体中に)沈む、水浸しにする
・The river burst its banks, submerging an entire village.

■broach (デリケートな、取り扱いにくい話などを)持ち出す、切り出す
・broach a delicate subject
・Eventually I broached the subject of her early life.

■hit it off 気が合う、仲良くなる
・We hit it off very quickly.

■melting pot (人種、文化などの)るつぼ
・The republic is a melting pot of different nationalities.