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Skype 英会話プライベートレッスン 53回目


■sniffle (風邪などで)鼻をすする
 have a sniffle = have the sniffles
・I have the sniffles. 鼻かぜを引いている

■stuffed nose 詰まった鼻
・My nose is all stuffed. 鼻がすっかり詰まっている
・My nose is stuffed up. 鼻が詰まっている
 = My nose is stuffy.

■runny nose 鼻水
・I have a runny nose. 鼻水がでる

■mucus 粘液、鼻水 (俗語:snot)
・eye mucus 目やに
・Mucus is running from your nose.

■alleviate【アリーヴィエイト】 軽減する、和らげる = relieve
・Can you do anything to alleviate the condition ?

■drowsy【ドラウジィー】眠い、うとうとして = sleepy
・drowsy driver
・He felt pleasantly drowsy and had to fight off the urge to sleep.

■mutate 変化する、突然変異する、
・The virus mutates in the carrier's body.
・He found evidence of mutated forms of the gene.

■Malay マレーシアの、マレー語、マレー人

■submit an application 申込書を提出する
・I submitted my application for the training course.
・Applications should be submitted as early as possible.

■tight budget 厳しい予算
・travel on a tight budget

■redeem【リディーム】 (商品券などを)商品と引き換える
・You fly for free by redeeming frequent flier mileage.
・redeem a coupon/voucher

■mealtime 食事時間
・They were very concerned about their mealtimes.

■obsessed about ~に心を奪われている、頭がいっぱいである
・They were obsessed about lunch.

■high-class 高級な
・high-class Japanese-style restaurant 高級料亭

■fictional 架空の

■inflammable 燃えやすい、火のつきやすい
・inflammable fluid 引火性の液体

■discrepancy 相違、食い違い、矛盾
・The reason for the discrepancy is not yet understood.
・the discrepancy between press and radio reports