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Social conversation with colleagues about career preferences



Mind if I sit here?

・Mind if...?はDo you mind if...?を簡略化した形で、丁寧な依頼や申し出を表す。Do youを省略すると少しくだけたニュアンスになる

・No, I don't.(どうぞ)と答えるのが文法的には正しいが、Please do.やNot at all.などと答えるのが一般的

There's a load of technical manuals to read, so I have to burn the midnight oil.

・load 大量のもの、仕事量、負担( = large amount)
・a load of 多量の
- I put a load of information into my report.

・burn the midnight oil <使用頻度の高い慣用句>
- Finish the work as soon as possible, but don't burn the midnight oil.

I'd rather be a Technical Sales Engineer.

・rather 2つ以上のものからどれがいいか尋ねたり、選択したりする場合に使われる
A: Would you rather have pasta or a sandwich for lunch?
B: I'd rather have the sandwich today.

- If you don't mind, I'd rather keep this meeting short.

You set a record.

・set a record 記録を樹立する
・You set a record. は最高の褒め言葉で、たいていCongratulations!(おめでとう)という言葉が添えられる

That's the price you pay.

・price 代償、犠牲
- We can work faster, but if we do, there will be more mistakes. That's the price you pay.

The pro is my English is good, but the con is my business Japanese needs work.

・proとconはpros and consのように複数形でも使われる
- The pro of this location is the convenience, but the con is the traffic noise.

pros and consは自分では使ったことがありませんが、結構耳にする表現ですね。
以下 宇多田ヒカルの英語インタビューでもでてきますので動画を貼り付けておきます。
ききとり英語もつけておきます。 バイリンガル羨ましい。。

No, I don't feel any different writing in Japanese or English. And I didn't sell out, you know, making an album for the American market or American people anything like that. There were differences that came out naturally through the process of writing in a different language obviously, cause it sounds different and the nature of Japanese and English it's just so different. That both have pros and cons, but I found out with English I could be more up-front powerful and in a good way, which included things like a humour and sexiness and playfulness and some poetic language that. And Japanese might sound all too, like, too much showed weirdness or too much goofiness. So, there was a new freedom with English that really let me making new things that I don't think I would've come up with otherwise.